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Professional accounting, tax and legal services


Рђccuracy, Loyalty, Trust, Interactivity  

We are an accounting and consulting company with the following subject of activity: financial and accounting services, consulting services in the tax, accountancy, labour and commerce legislation sphere, company registration and re-registration, auditing etc. We do have experience in performing the services herein offered.

We regard clients as highest criterion which helps us follow the right direction. That’s why each of you can expect from us competence, sympathy and positive attitude. 


ALDI CONSULT LTD carries out professional accounting services, tax and legal consultations in compliance with Bulgarian legislation! We offer accounting and legal service, subject to subscription to companies, sole proprietors, as well as to liberal professions.

ALDI CONSULT LTD  is established by qualified economists and legal advisers possessing communicative skills and professional experience under the conditions of constantly changing legislation, political and economical life of the country.

ALDI CONSULT  LTD aims at providing clients full defence of their interests through quick and qualified actions at reasonable prices. We offer a proper contract for accounting service and consultations in defending your interests.


A few reasons to choose us:

  • We are punctual and we always fulfill our engagements within the term agreed
  • We are loyal and do not reveal the information assigned to us
  • We work professionally and at clients service, based on mutual trust
  • We offer interactivity and flexibility in solving certain tasks
  • We keep in touch with you
  • We provide full information to clients
  • We offer competent advice and legal support.